A Prayer Of Thanks For God’s Promises

Father, there are many promises made by well meaning individuals but circumstances change, people change and many of them fall by the wayside. There are also those who make the pretense of a promise never fully intending to keep it. Their motive is not pure and is self-serving. Help us, as the redeemed, to be people who are trustworthy and not to make a promise that we cannot keep. We are assured that your promises are trustworthy because of that which has already come to pass. We continue to wait for many other promises in the Bible to be fulfilled on the appointed day that You have ordained. Proverbs assures us that “You keep every promise You make. You are like a shield to all who seek Your protection.” What a reassuring truth we, as Your children, can hold onto this day and each day. We give You thanks through Jesus our Lord. Amen.

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