A Prayer Of Esteem For The Elderly

Father, we read of those in the Bible from generations long ago who lived upright and godly lives. They were discerning and wise, devoted in their duties such as Anna and Simeon who served in the temple. So many serve as examples of those who walked in Your ways from their youth and remained faithful through their golden years.  Some of their choices brought about multiple blessings and other choices brought forth great sacrifice, persecution, or even death. We also read of those who were proud and foolish, thinking only of themselves, such as Samson, Ananias and Sapphira or Demetrius the Silversmith. They also serve as warnings to us. We highly esteem those older than us, many whose self-worth is based on productivity and accomplishment, which makes them feel no longer useful in their senior years. Yet their example of wisdom, maturity, and perseverance, especially as they experience the pains and limitations that come with aging, serve as a tremendous example for those of us who will soon follow in their steps. It’s in the name of Jesus that we pray for our senior friends. Amen.