A Prayer Proclaiming God’s Greatness

“Father, Your works surround us and add such depth and beauty to our daily experiences in life.  You not only tend to our daily needs but through Your great works You delight our senses by that which we see, touch, hear, and feel as we admire Your handiwork. Help us to pause in our busy schedules to listen to the rippling brook, smell the tree blossoms, observe the mountain grandeur and  recognize Your creative power in the plentiful ornamentals that we have the privilege of planting, growing and tending over the warm months each year. Your great works are observed in the Scriptures and admired in our daily lives.  How wonderfully extravagant is Your works that we enjoy each day, for it is truly the heavens declaring Your glory and the firmament showing Your handiwork. For them we are grateful. Amen.”

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