A Prayer Of Thanks For Immanuel

Father, we thank You for Jesus who is the visible form of the One who descended from heaven and presented hope, freedom, truth, love, an grace. He was the very essence of the Word of God. The wait for Messiah spanned some 4000 years and many prophets foretold His coming yet never lived to see it fulfilled. We’re glad to be living at a time when we greatly benefit from the fulfilled prophecy of Christ being born to a virgin, living among us, dying for our sins, rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. We now anticipate His second coming when He will gather the redeemed in the air forevermore to reign in His kingdom where there will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace. There’s no better place for the believer to hang his hat and store his heart’s treasures, those that have lasting, eternal value. Amen.

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