A Prayer Of Thanks For Freedom

“Father, how glorious it is to enjoy freedom from sin, thanks to the sacrifice of Your Son, Jesus, on my behalf.  My life, once enslaved to sin, now enjoys the freedom from that which once held me captive to Satan’s bondage.  I live in victory because You have set me free and I am now free indeed.  Thank You, Father, for delivering me from the domain of darkness and transferring me into the kingdom of Your Son in whom I have redemption, the forgiveness of sin! We lift up our brothers and sisters in prayer who live in oppressive and persecuted lands whose voices and expressions of faith are stifled by ungodly laws and rulers.  Help them to hold to the faith no matter the circumstances.  Encourage those who have family members or parishioners who are imprisoned for their Christian testimony. Replace any fear with courage and any doubts with the certainty of Your presence and the working power of Your Holy Spirit “to do more than we can ever ask or imagine” in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”