A Prayer Of Thanks For Farmers

“Father, we thank You for the diligent farmers who work the soil, plant the seeds, and then await the germination and growth of the seeds planted.  It’s all a work of faith since there is so much out of their control; too much rain or lack thereof, the proper growing temperatures, disease and harmful insects can make or break the harvest.  So we thank you for those who year after year toil in the fields to provide healthy, vibrant and delicious foods to fill our plates. It’s generally a family effort so we pray Your blessings upon the entire family as they work together to make a very productive contribution to our well being. We also give thanks for our spiritual leaders who contribute to our spiritual well-being, who work hard at feeding our souls.  They, too, deal with troubling elements out of their control following their seed planting, so faith and persistence are key tools in the results of their labor and future harvest.  Bless them, their families, and give them fruit for their labor, we pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”