A Prayer Of Gratitude

“Father, it is impossible for me to give sincere thanks to You unless I have a grateful heart. Open my eyes to see and verbalize the little blessings that come especially when I’m walking through dark clouds of difficulty.  My daily blessings, by far, outnumber my troubles. Good health, comfortable shelter, a loving family, steady work, caring friendships and many other blessings seem all too common so I often take them for granted. At times I even feel entitled to these blessings. It is when I’m deprived of a particular blessing that I choose to either grumble or suddenly recognize a blessing that I’ve overlooked. Father, I thank You for Your daily provisions.  Help me not to wait until trouble erupts before I look to You. Instead I want to be grateful for Your goodness toward me for past blessings and to remain confident that You will be just as faithful in providing for my future needs. And remind me to never take personal credit but realize that all good things are from You.  In Your name, Jesus, I thank You today!  Amen.”