A Prayer For Those Who Are Waiting

Jesus, You made us to be time-sensitive creatures. Our schedules are guided by hours, days, weeks, years, seasons and on and on it goes. While most of our activity is decided by our prearranged schedules we don’t usually allot waiting time, but You do. You arranged it for the patriarchs of old and expect it of Your followers throughout the ages as we often find ourselves waiting and waiting and waiting.  But it’s not a waste of our precious time, for You tell us that we are strengthened in the wait, as we depend upon You to work out the details for our lives. You’ve promised that if we wait upon You our strength will be renewed and we will mount up with wings as eagles. As we do so we’re refreshed in our spirit and find ourselves more patient, confident, and courageous as we wait upon You to accomplish Your intended plan for our lives. We look to You and are sustained by Your Almighty Hand during the wait! Amen.

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