A Prayer For Those In Times Of Trouble

“Father, we want to trust You at all times – in times of rejoicing and times of trouble.  You promise to be our refuge who will rescue us from danger. Certainly we don’t read anywhere in Scripture that we will not face danger, for it is in these intensely dangerous situations that we find refuge in the shadow of Your wings. Daily we witness Your rescue from dangerous situations on this side of eternity, but we also daily witness (by faith) Your rescue that takes place on the other side of eternity. We consider the children who perished during the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma as well as scores of believers who, through other circumstances, passed on from here to eternity. Everyone of them found You to be their refuge as You rescued them from the many dangers, toils and snares that will always be a part of this life. Comfort those who remain. Give strength, hope and a determined faith to those who must rebuild their lives in the wake of the Oklahoma tragedy. May our faith increase and our devotion deepen as we lean hard on You. Amen.”