A Prayer For Those In The Storm

“A Prayer For Those In The Storm”

Father, You assure us time and again of Your compassionate love through Your Word, through fellow believers, through extraordinary intervention and whatever other means You ordain. You respond to our needs faithfully, but we confess that our doubts begin when Your voice is silent about particular ongoing needs we’re dealing with. In these instances we begin to wonder, do You really do care. But we desire to prove our faith to be genuine by trusting You even when we cannot see Your hand at work. Help us to persevere in prayer as we seek to understand Your overall plan in these troubling matters. And when we don’t understand Your plan help us to trust You when our faith is being tested, because faith that cannot be tested is faith that cannot be trusted. Amen.

Prayer for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy: Almighty God, we pray for Your wisdom, guidance, and protection over those in the path of this deadly hurricane. We ask You to enable rescue workers to find those who are in harm’s way and desperately need assistance. We thank You for those who are willing to lay down their lives, if need be, as they attempt to save others. We also pray for government officials as they receive news from weather officials and as they seek to lead their communities to safety. We pray for physical safety and bodily strength for the power workers who work around the clock to restore power to millions. May they be successful in their heroic endeavors. For those who have lost family, friends, or property in the midst of this devastating nor’easter we pray for Your mercy, peace, and the consoling presence of Your Holy Spirit to be a very present help in the midst of trouble. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.