A Prayer For Strength For Service

Father, those whom You call You also equip to do that which we cannot do in ourselves. Some of us come up against extremely difficult odds, whether it’s due to our family history, physical limitations from birth, an accident, disease or aging. Any or all of these negatives have a way of consuming us and can contribute to a victim’s outlook. But You don’t victimize us, Father, You make us Victors as You give us helps along the way, provide caregivers who support and cheer us on. You perform small and big miracles within us to accomplish Your intended will for our lives. You assured a frightened Moses with these words, “I will be with you” and You assure our spirits with the very same message, “I will be with you” no matter how hard the test, how long it endures, or the timing of its appearance. Faithful God, You never change, but are always the same and we’re assured the victory just like Abraham, Moses, Job, Daniel and all the other common, ordinary people of the Bible who became heroes in our eyes. We walk in victory because You are the great I AM and You are with us. We love You and look to You in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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