A Prayer For Purity

“Father, the practical example of the Corinthian church serves as an example to the church of each generation. To ignore sin or brush it aside does not make it go away. It only gains strength and infiltrates the rest of the body when not dealt with in a Scriptural manner. We pray for the leadership of our churches and ask You to help them to live pure and holy lives in obedience to You and as an example to their flock. May they be intolerant of sin that jeopardizes the spiritual health of the church. The church’s code of conduct is prescribed through Your Holy Scriptures, not the popular philosophy of our day. In turning our eyes away from the sin we in essence give approval, but when we have the courage to deal with it we save not only the transgressor but we also purify Your church. Keep us faithful, prayerful and vigilant as we seek Your leading in these extremely important matters.  Amen.”