A Prayer For Persecuted Followers Of Christ

Father, as the vast majority of our readers joined together in worship on Sunday, we were undisturbed by the governing authorities. We thought nothing of opening the Scriptures or reciting them aloud as a congregation. We sang jubilantly without fear of being overheard by opposing forces who may be lurking in the shadows or those in our midst who are actually wolves disguised in sheep’s clothing. But there are others spread throughout the world who face these kinds of dangers and oppressive conditions every Sunday, and for that matter everyday. We pray for the visitation of the Holy Spirit to strengthen the persecuted believers. May their resolve to be followers of The Way remain firm and unyielding in their stand for Christ. We pray for those who lash out, act as spies, and torment the redeemed. May they come to faith just as Saul did, and become devoted followers of Christ, in great part due to the character witness of the persecuted believers. Grant a deep sense of peace to family members whose loved ones are undergoing persecution. May they find You to be their all in all, providing for their spiritual, emotional, and material needs. In Jesus’ name we pray.