A Prayer For Overcomers

Father, we thank You for Jesus who intercedes for us in our hardships, persecution, dangers, poverty and troubles of all kinds. Amazingly, You develop in us a spirit that not only overcomes our difficulties, but enables us to overwhelmingly conquer the very thing that Satan intends to use in defeating us. The Apostle Paul found that he delighted in weaknesses and hardships because it was in his weakness that he found Your strength to be superior to his own. Your grace was sufficient for him to deal with his hardship. Yours is an overcoming, conquering strength unavailable to us through genetics, medicine, therapy, or mortal man. It comes only through personal unswerving faith in You and perseverance in prayer that we can overwhelmingly (hupernikomen) conquer our foe! Help us never to give up but hang in there as we endure and overcome the enemy’s arsenal. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.