A Prayer For Making Life’s Most Important Decision

“Jesus, You spoke through the angels, the prophets, the disciples, the apostles and You speak through the Scriptures and godly messengers today.  Even as the apostle Paul declared, “Today is the day of salvation” and we also apply that same message today to our generation.  May Your Spirit speak to our hearts about not ignoring or delaying life’s most important decision.  You’ve not told us that we have to clean up our act before we can come to You.  That’s because You know it’s impossible for us to do so.  It is only by knowing You personally through salvation that we can be free of the sins that so easily entangle our lives.  It is after we receive Your forgiveness that the joyful journey of our salvation begins.  For those of us who have received this wonderful gift we rejoice in the God of our salvation, for God the Lord is our strength.”