A Prayer For Hope

“Heavenly Father, when those aboard the ship in Acts 27 were looking at the gloomy forecast that appeared for many days their hopes diminished day by day.  So often that’s what leads us to defeat; we fear the raging storm and the damage it will do, instead of looking for the Peacespeaker who controls the wind and waves.  When we consider the scores of relief workers in Haiti we’re reminded that it is their duty to go beyond the dangerous ransacked rubble to search for life.  They must expect the impossible in order to save lives where it would seem there could be no one alive.  We trust You for the miraculous stories that will eventually be reported, reminding us that You are a God of the impossible, bringing hope in the midst of devastation, restoration in the midst of loss.  We entrust every one of these workers to Your care and pray for their safety as well as those who are presently entrapped by the rubble.  We pray that there will be Christian believers who will bring the life-saving message of Jesus Christ to the hearts of surviving Haitians so that their hope is not based on what they see, but in the hope we have through the Holy Spirit as we trust in You.  Amen.”