A Prayer For Faithfulness

“Father, as we look at the ancient paths, we must make choices that reflect truths and principles¬†established from the beginning of time as taught in the Scriptures. Help us to align ourselves with Your teaching and reject anything that would lead us to compromise or forsake that which we learn from Your Holy Manuscript, the Word of God. Change is inevitable and often inviting, but not the kind of change that would lead us to forsake the teachings of old, the lifestyle that reveals to others that we are set apart unto holiness, a people who reflect Christ living within us.¬†Our days on earth are like grass; we bloom and die. The wind blows, and we are gone, as though we had never been here.¬† In a changing world You are our unchanging holy God and Your love endures forever. You are indeed the same yesterday, today, and forever and because of that we give you our full allegiance. Amen.”‘