A Prayer For Discerning False Prophets

“Father, as the slide to decadence deepens, we see the influence it has on the Christian church at large. Fearing rejection and mockery from the world or appearing as unsuccessful in the eyes of the world, many church leaders become accepting of the current philosophies and lifestyles prominent in our day, rather than holding to the unchanging standards prescribed through Your commands in Scripture. In the gray areas, help us to be gracious. But in the black and white commands of Scripture help us to be brave, strong and unambiguous in our position and consistent in our example as permissiveness, false prophesies, and weakened leaders dot the landscape. When seekers want the timeless truth of Scriptures rather than the changing truth of our times we will be prepared to guide them to Your eternal truths. Keep us faithful in doing so. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.”

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