A Prayer For Commitment To The Holy Scriptures

“Father, we pray for Holy Spirit power to enable us to give godly counsel based upon Your inerrant and unchanging Scripture.  It is not from the media, current polls, or popular personalities that we form our opinions. We acknowledge that Satan is the god of this age, plotting to confuse, distort and mislead.  Our confidence is firmly established in the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures which are able to make us wise for salvation.  They inspire, teach, convict, correct, comfort and model for us the way we’re to live our earthly life.  May we never sugar coat Your commands because we want to please others who differ with Your authority.  We want to honor Your Word in all we say and do.  As we look in the mirror of truth, help it to reflect this godly intent. If the reflection shows otherwise, help us to make the necessary changes in accordance with Your Word. In Your name, Jesus, we pray.  Amen.”

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