A Prayer For A Steadfast Walk

“Father, we thank You that You are guide; that our footsteps are ordered by You.  Though we stumble or fall, we are not cast down for You uphold us with Your right hand.  In ourselves we may be clumsy, weak, or nearsighted, but following You, our Great Shepherd through dangers, toils and snares to the high places of Your love, we will be like that of hind’s feet in high places. When we unexpectedly find ourselves in a fallen position we feel pretty foolish and somewhat helpless. We usually bounce right back to an upward position.  But there are times, Lord, when we get trapped in a fallen position and especially need Your help and assistance from others to help us walk upright again.  When we’re in a fallen position spiritually, Lord, it is Your hand that we reach for.  You uphold us with Your hand because You are the changeless, faithful One who sees our fall before we even know it will happen.  You do not abandon us nor cast us down but You only want to lift us up again.  Our hope is in You alone so help us to cling tightly to Your hand as we walk the potholed terrain of this life.  In Your name, we pray.  Amen.”