A Prayer For A Steadfast Spirit

Father, in this decadent world where impostors are increasing in number and, in their menacing deception, we can easily be lured into their schemes or we can stand our ground for purity and holiness though we may be few in number.  Help us to always be on guard by familiarizing ourselves with Scripture, and arming ourselves in the attire of a Christian soldier as we do battle with the enemy of darkness. And, Lord, for those who are dear to our heart; those who have taken the enemy’s bait and now are entrapped in sin’s deadly tentacles, we prayerfully intercede on their behalf as we cry out to You.  Free them from the deadly strangle of Satan’s influence.  Grant us wisdom, discernment, and favor as we interact with them.  Send others to bring light to their darkened paths and to help us bear this heavy burden.  We will not be defeated, for Your power that is within us is greater than the power of our enemy.  We will not despair in our problems, but we will delight in Your promises. In the name of Jesus we pray.