A Prayer Concerning Peace At The Death Of A Loved One

“Father, we thank You that the grave is not the end for the believer, but simply the passage way into an eternal dwelling with You. The last enemy to be destroyed is death, but the lights of glory will welcome us into our eternal home where we will reunite with our dear loved ones who’ve gone before us.  For those who’ve lost loved ones in the midst of their serving our country in some capacity we pray for their peace and comfort knowing that they too paid a price for our freedoms, comfort and safety. We pray for our persecuted brethren that Your Holy Spirit would be like a soothing salve, an anesthetic in the midst of their ongoing deprivation and abuse; that it would apply equally for their grieving family members. We pray for deliverance from their captivity and for their opportunity to share the gospel with cellmates, guards and others whom they interface with. We pray this through Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen.”

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