Bible Verse

A Prayer Of Thanks For Being Born Again

O God, our help in ages past, our hope for years to come!”  How powerful and enduring Your Word is. It is ever-living, ever-relevant and ever-active in the lives of believers all over the globe conviction people of their sin and calling them to repent that they might be born again. More than just print on a page, the Word of God penetrates the heart; guiding, instructing, convicting, delighting, comforting and performing Your supernatural work in our lives. Increase our love and passion for reading Your Word faithfully so that we may grow in understanding and appreciation for all You have to show us. We seek to bring You glory as we witness to others that we are born again. We pray that our lives “bear fruit in keeping with repentance” as a visible witness to others of Your awesome lifechanging power in our lives. Through Christ Jesus we pray.