A Prayer For Veteran’s Day

Father, we honor our military veterans who gave their all that we might enjoy our freedoms. Some of them bear visible reminders of their service such as a missing limb, or a jagged scar. Others carry less visible signs such as a pin holding a bone together, shrapnel buried beneath their skin, tortuous physical and mental images that cannot be erased from their minds, causing many of them deep disturbance in their mental health. Many have been deployed to the Philippines following the indescribable loss of life and property from the recent typhoon. Help them to make a powerful difference to those who are left to sort out life in a way they could never have imagined. We pray that You will encourage the veteran’s families, provide physical, financial and emotional services, and place godly people in their paths who will build relationships with them giving them an opportunity to share their faith. We pray for those serving today who are being denied their expression of faith due to the politically motivated changes within the military. We consider the chaplains who uphold the teachings of the Bible rather than the philosophies of our day that redefine what is right and what is wrong. Fortify them with courage, wisdom and the resolve to stay firm in the days ahead to hold to what is true no matter what they endure as a result. And, lastly, we pray for our spiritual veterans who have forged the straight and narrow path before us that leads to eternal life. We follow behind and don’t look back to the broad path that leads to destruction and eternal doom. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.