A Prayer For Godly Knowledge And Wisdom

Father, our generation seeks more and more knowledge all the while exercising less and less restraint toward sins that grieve Your heart. In our information age knowledge is promoted as the key to success, fulfillment, happiness and financial security and yet we see so many educated people lacking in these areas. While higher education is important, godly wisdom and biblical understanding are the foundational tools by which we accept or reject current philosophies, basic principles, human traditions, and the practices of our day. Your Word helps us to interpret knowledge that is ever changing so that we are careful to build our foundation upon You, the unchanging Solid Rock. Any other foundation will sink when the rain falls, the streams rise, and the assaulting winds blow and beat against that which we have worked so hard to build.  We choose to love You and have a healthy fear of going against Your prescribed will for our lives. Amen.

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